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Privacy Statement

The objective of Jurnal Studi Komunikasi is to promote wider dissemination of systematic scholarly inquiries into the broad field of Communication Science with emphasis on interdisciplinary perspectives. Permission is hereby granted to reproduce any of the contents of the journal for use in courses of instruction, as long as the “copyright” of Faculty Communications Science Dr. Soetomo University is indicated in any reproductions.


Written application must be made to the Editor-in-Chief for permission to reproduce any of the contents of the journal for use in other than a course of instruction - e. g., inclusion in books or in any other publications intended for general distribution. In consideration for the grant of permission by the journal in such instances, the applicant must notify the author(s). Normally, the journal will not do a charge for the waiver of copyright, except when the copyright of articles in the journal has been transferred to the Faculty of Communications Science Dr. Soetomo University. The applicant must therefore ask permission for reproduction (for all purpose) from the author.