Open Journal Systems

Manuscript Travel


Editorial staff accept manuscripts in Indonesian or English. The manuscript that we receive will be selected by the editor based on the requirements and stylebook (writing systematic) that has been determined. Furthermore, the editor evaluates the script from its substance and originality. After passing the selection, the manuscript is given to reviewers in accordance with the expertise of the theme of the manuscript for review.

Reviewers then give notes in the form of ratings, suggestions, reviews and criticisms of each manuscript as revised material for writers through the editor. These revisions can be either minor or major revisions. After being revised by the author, the manuscript is sent back to the editor and then to the reviewer.

After it is declared worthy for of publication by the reviewer, the editor will recheck the writing systematic, then submited to the layout editor. The layout editor then collects and reviews the entire manuscript and then adjusts the journal settings. After it is completely done, the manuscript is sent to the IT team to be uploaded and published online. After publication, the journal manager will submit the manuscript to the printing press for publication in print. The author will get a copy of AYUMI Journal by reimbursing the printing costs. For writers who do not submit the manuscript after receiving notes from reviewers, the manuscript will not be published and files that have been sent belong to the editor of the AYUMI journal.