Local Values in English Teaching and Learning Process

Anicleta yuliastuti


Teaching and learning English have for so long been seen as approaches to superior language but ignoring the values inside. This paper has purpose on saying that local values should also cope with English language as counter-culture for foreign values. Through library studies method in this paper, the conditions and perceptions of English language are understood through tensions between local and foreign values. Local values in English teaching and learning process should be maintained to promote values in keeping its dynamic openness of identities towards others; not only foreign, but also local ones. The main  finding is to make use of  English as a means  or a media to promote and elevate local values to the world. It is mentioned to underline cultural local values found by putting them next to foreign ones. Opening understanding through connections between textbooks and daily life could enhance creativity and responsibility in relations with others. Overall, interpretations on foreign languages should always be kept open to build chances and choices to elevate local values compared to foreign ones.



Counter-Culture, Cultural Strategy, English Language, Identity, Local Values, Teaching and Learning Process

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.25139/dinamika.v3i1.244


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