Code Mixing used in Adrian Molina and Matthew Aldrich’s Coco Movie Script

  • Moch. Abdullah Universitas Dr. Soetomo
  • Suhartawan Budianto Universitas Dr. Soetomo
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This research is a sociolinguistic study of code mixing in Coco movie script. The purpose of this study is to determine kinds of code mixing level and the factor that cause code mixing used by the Coco movie script character and to find out the levels and factors of using code mixing in the Coco movie. This research uses qualitative and descriptive research. The main research instrument is the researcher himself. Data collection techniques are reading the entire novel to the end, collecting data, classifying into six levels of code mix, reducing selected data based on levels in theory, involving the process of selecting and focusing raw data into enhanced data. This reaserch found four from six levels of code mixing in the Coco movie. These are word level, phrase level, clause level, reduplication level. The dominant level of code mixing is the word level. This research also found six from eleven code mixing factor. It is a speaker and speaker characters, conversation modus, function and Aim, type and level of language speaking, humor, conversation partner. The dominant factor it is function and Aim.