The Analysis of Figurative Language found in Coldplay’s song lyrics

  • Apriliyadi Universitas Dr. Soetomo
  • Dr. Dra. Ni Nyoman Sarmi, M.Hum. Universitas Dr. Soetomo
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Figurative language is a way of beautifying a certain expression by saying one word or sentence that has a different meaning from its literal meaning. This study aims to identify and explain the types of figurative language in Coldplay's sing lyrics entitled: Magic, Paradise, A Sky Full of Stars, Trouble, Yellow. The researchers applied Leech's theory to identify the types of figurative language found in song lyrics mentioned above. This study was a descriptive qualitative study. The data of this study were taken from the five-song lyrics stated above. The researchers concluded that there were thirteen figurative languages found in Magic lyric, fourteen figurative languages found in Paradise lyric, fifteen figurative languages found in A Sky Full of Stars lyric, eight figurative languages found in Trouble lyric, and eighteen figurative languages found in Yellow lyric. In total there are sixty-eight figurative languages found in five of Coldplay's song lyrics.