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  • Dr. Dra. Ni Nyoman Sarmi, M.Hum Universitas Dr. Soetomo
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The title of the thesis is Illocutionary Act Used in Cooperative Principle Found in Todd Phillips’ Joker movie script. The objectives of this study are to identify illocutionary act appear in Todd Phillips’ Joker movie script, to find out types of illocutionary act applied by the speaker in Todd Phillips’ Joker movie script, and to describe the types of cooperative principle applied in Todd Phillips’ Joker movie script. The thesis writer applies the theory of Searle (1979) to identify the illocutionary acts appear, to find out types illocutionary acts appear in cooperative principle, also the theory of Grice (1975) to find out the types of cooperative principle applied. The thesis writer also applies qualitative research. The findings of the study are There are many reasons why the speaker uses illocutionary act which is divided into five types to influence the interlocutor to do what the speak says. Illocutionary act divided into five types, the researcher found assertive type with sixteen data, directive with six data, commissive with one data, expressive eight data, and declarative four data. The last findings that has been analyzed, Cooperative principle is divided into two ways, the first is to obey the maxim and the second is to violate the maxim. The findings showed that there are twenty one data of obeying maxim, it consists of four obeys quality maxim, seven obeys quantity maxim, and ten obeys relevance maxim. Maxim of manner is the only maxim which is not obeyed by the participants. Whereas the findings showed that there are fiveteen data of violating maxim, it consist of four violates quality maxim, seven violtes quantity maxim, three violates relevance maxim, and one violates manner maxim.

Keywords: Illocutionary act, Cooperative principle, Movie.