A Study Of V’s Vengeance in V For Vendetta’s Movie Script

  • Mela Adi Prasiska Universitas Dr. Soetomo
  • Anicleta Yuliastuti Universitas Dr. Soetomo
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The research focuses on V’s vengeance in V for Vendetta’s movie script. The researchers conducts a qualitative research using the movie script of V for Vendetta movie as source of data. The findings shows that in the movie script, there is a man who has desire to do a vengeance. There are four proofs of V’s vengeance, those are: bombing two London’s historical buildings, sabotages the broadcasting channel, and kill all people who related to Larkhill tragedy, and bombing the Parliament’s building. There are three causal factors of V’s vengeance, those are: the cruelty of government, the tragedy in Larkhill Medical Center, and V’s personal factors, such as anxiety and depression which causes V’s defense mechanism is appears, those are denial and identification with aggressor.

Keywords : vengeance, movie script, ,tragedy