Grammatical Error Analisis in Speaking skills of the Frontliners at Bank Mandiri Kcp Surabaya Darmo Park

  • MUHAMMAD SIRAJ HUSIN Universitas Dr. Soetomo
  • NI NYOMAN SARMI Universitas Dr. Soetomo
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The researcher presents that frontliners made error in omission, misinformation, and misordering.
Omission is characterized by the absence of an item that must appear in the well formed
utterance. Misformation is characterized by the use of wrong form of the structure. Misordering
is characterized by the incorrect placement of group in an utterance. In addition, the frontliners
error is suitable as stated by Dulay.
The total of errors reaches 70 times in the frontliners speaking consist of using simple present
tense and simple past tense. The highest frequency of error is misformation which the number of
percentage achieves 64%. The second frequency of error is omission which the number of
percentage achieves 31% . The last frequency of error is misordering which has low number 5%.
Key Words: Grammar, Error Analisys, Speaking Skills