Rachel Wu’s Romantic Love in Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asian

  • Angeline Tesalonika Universitas Dr. Soetomo
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Santoso, Angeline Tesalonika. 2021. Rachel Wu’s Romantic Love In Kevin Kwan’s Crazy Rich Asian


Crazy Rich Asian Novel.A Thesis. English Literature Program, Faculty of Letters, Dr. Soetomo University. Advisor: Cahyaningsih Pujimahanani



Keywords: Romantic Love, Theory of love, kinds of love, effect of love


Writing this thesis aims to identify the type of love that occurs between Nick Young and Rachel Chu, as well as the effect of Rachel Chu's love on the closest people to Nick Young, namely Eleanor (Nick Young's mother) and Astrid (Nick Young's sister and Rachel Chu's best friend). The method used is a qualitative descriptive method which is analyzed from the Crazy Rich Asian novel by Kevin Kwan, while the analysis of the types of  love uses the Theory of love from Eric Fromm in his book entitled "The Art of Loving". From the analysis, it is found that the type of love between Nick Young and Rachel Chu is Erotic Love. Meanwhile, the influence of love makes Rachel Chu struggle with all her might with the support of her lover, Nick Young. Rachel Chu who appears simple, intelligent, smart, adaptable, humble and attracts the attention of Nick Young's big family which makes Eleanor finally give up on the love relationship of Nick Young and Rachel Chu.