Blythe’s internal conflict in Ashley Audrains The Push

  • DWI YULI PRATIWI Universitas Dr. Soetomo
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This thesis focuses on Blythe’s Internal Conflict as seen in Ashley Audrain The Push. The objectives of the study are to find out Blythe’s Internal Conflict, to find out the causes of Blythe’s Internal Conflict, and to find out the effects of Blythe’s Internal Conflict on herself, her daughter, her husband and her marriage. The theory used is theory Kurt Lewin. The finding shows that Blythe’s internal conflict is she against her mind about the situation that happened in her life. The causes of Blythe’s Internal Conflict is moral conflict, love conflict, and eksistential conflict. The effect of Blythe’s Internal Conflict is she got her freedom to writing but she had divorced with her husband and lost her right to take care her child, Violet.