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How To Reconfigure SBCGlobal For Fixing Sending And Receiving Problem Of An Email

by Mr. Jenny Watson (2020-02-13)

The main reason behind most SBCGlobal email errors is that the server settings you are entered are incorrect. You can refer to the steps below to reconfigure your account and fix the sending and receiving problem on SBCGlobal:
Step 1: Go to the ‘Tools’ section and search for SBCGlobal email.
Step 2: Select the email account and press ‘Delete’ or ‘Remove.’
Step 3: Restart the email program and click ‘Configure email manually.’
Step 4: Choose ‘SBCGlobal’ and enter the relevant account details.
Step 5: Choose your account type and enter the appropriates server settings.
If you find that the error persists even after you reconfigure your account you can call the SBCGlobal customer service number and ask for additional assistance.
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