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Second language lerning

by Mr Ricky Smith (2018-09-17)

Research on second language learning motivation is increasing day by day. Motivation, the term indicates one’s motive force to learn the other language. Motivation is the most important factor, which affects the success of a language learner. Motivation plays a considerable role to develop the learning of a student to learn new languages. A student can be motivated to learn another language for emotion, desire, need to learn and for any other good reason. However, learners in the countries where English is not the mother tongue, lacks the appropriate level of motivation to learn English for various reasons. These reasons include teaching practices, English is not related to the real life conditions, lack of interest in English values and culture, etc. A less able student can achieve greater success if he is highly motivated. It can be assumed that one can be successful in any task because of his/her motivation, so as of language learning, with motivation a learner can be successful. Check is myassignmenthelp fraud