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How do you fix a Printer that is not Printing?

by smith ryan (2020-07-23)

In response to Curug Cipamingkis Jonggol – Bogor

Your hp printer does not print owing to several technical and non-technical issues. If you want to fix printer not printing issue, then here are a few reasonable steps given below:
● First of all unplug & after that restart your printer
● Now check for connectivity of wireless connection or cables
● Uninstall printer, and install it again
● After that install updated driver for printer
● Run troubleshooter of printer
● Reset print spooler & clear.
● You can fix printer after updating the windows 10
● Change online status of printer.
After trying the above mentioned steps, if your HP printer does not print well, just try to contact official support, or visit the nearest hp printer service center.