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Home Security Deals: Save On Cameras, Safes, Lights, And More

by Matilda Fullwood (2020-09-10)

They offer more than just their world-class Chronovision One Watch Winder collection-at TimeScape, we’re proud to supply Chronovision’s other collections, such as the multi-unit tabletop Ambiance line and the Prestige, which can be wall-mounted with brackets. WWS aims to supply, high quality, insurance recognised, flexible and eye catching display environments for watch collections, that also provide space for some of the more usual items to be kept in a safe, such as passports, cash and documents. WHY CHOOSE CHRONOVISION WATCH WINDERS AND WATCH SAFES? Chronovision’s watch safes are considered the "guardians of time", functioning as a breathtaking piece of furniture as well as a secure watch safe for your timepiece collection. So I looked for a safe that was aesthetically pleasing when locked, would allow me to display my collection when open and would also keep my watch collection wound. The advances in technology has helped develop technically strong safety vaults to keep your business documents, data safe and protected.

These modern watch winders are 4" x 4" x 4" compact cube systems, completely programmable by your smartphone through Bluetooth technology. TimeScape’s Chronovision Wolf watch winder safe winder collection includes over 40 variations of designs and finishes to choose from. A success that spurs us on: 2016 already saw the creation of the first table-top models and watch winder safes in our in-house manufacture, and since 2017, we have been offering connoisseurs and collectors a constantly growing variety of luxurious and individually configurable objects in three product ranges: Collectors of Time, Monuments of Time and Guardians of Time. You can easily watch all your property by just sitting in a room by using close circuit cameras. After much searching and calls to watch dealers, other collectors and safe manufacturers, it became apparent that the only watch winder safes available that came close to my criteria carried a hefty price tag of between £38,000 and £1.5 million. Come over with an open heart and open arms, huge ounce of patience and tolerance for crowd, close an eye to all the touristy things glaring at you and just enjoy yourself here. In over thirty years of developing the key components that make a unique safe with a modern design, these two brands have learned quite a bit.

Along with that there is a monthly monitoring fee of $15 to $60 per month and usually there is a two year contract you have to sign for the monitoring service. This is known as the best bar in Bali, having a long line of people daily trying to get in and have a drink or two with some bites (which is surprisingly good) while overlooking the sea crashing into the rocks below. Our unmatched speed allows you to watch that hysterical new viral video and get back to work before your next meeting walks in. From the more obvious features like the simple fingerprint entry and automatic watch carousel, to the more subtle touches like self closing drawers and a frictionless door, the Chronos is as convenient as it is impregnable. Master Keys : With a master key system, business owners can restrict the entry of certain people to specific areas.

With the advancement in technology, locksmiths too need to be proficient in computer software to create locks without keys and key cards. Many people know that locksmiths do one thing really well. The Collection’s cases allow for storage of your timepieces along with storage for your Chronovision One watch winders which fit conveniently within the case. We are so confident that our Chronovision watch winders offer outstanding quality and durability that they come with an extended, three year warranty. Chronovision Watch Winders and Watch Safes are some of the most trusted winders and safes in existence. Chronovision watch winders and watch safes combine fine tuned German engineering that create perfection and an sophisticated display. The Chronos stems from 35 years of experience developing high security safes for military use in high risk locations. To do this WWS has carefully selected high quality suppliers for its components and designed a range of options that provide a wide choice of size, display layout, colour, cladding, decoration and security level/ insurance rating.

The 58th edition of the Salone del Mobile, Milano, has just ended on a high note with a record attendance of visitors, many of whom were able to discover a surprising new world: the one exhibited by Buben & Zorweg, a name that is fast becoming synonymous with luxury watch winders. We carefully assemble all Chronovision watch winders and safes ourselves at our workshop in the Westphalian town of Halver. All Chronos watch safes boast an unrivaled set of high-end features aimed squarely at user convenience. Contact us today and order smart and stylish watch winders or watch safes that offer solutions for your watch winding or watch security needs. These cubes are lightweight, easily stackable, and battery operated, which makes them portable and easy to store in safes. Whether it’s Chronovision’s Empire watch safe, Chronovision’s Momentum watch safe, or Chronovision’s Grand Momentum watch safe, these impressive pieces are fully customizable, secure, and the perfect, most elegant compliment to your timepieces.