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Majulah wanita Indonesia

by Firman Setiawan (2019-07-13)

The Italians have not forgotten that for years he was the perpetrator of the infamous austerity policies that starved the poor bringing only tear and blood maneuvers In Europe the 5 Star Movement is on the citizens' side, he is instead perched in the Palace and has lost touch with reality ", declared Ignazio Corrao, MEP of the 5 Star Movement.

"The truth is that we are building an alternative policy of change for millions of European citizens disgusted by politics, instead he goes hand in hand with the various Moscovici, Dijsselbloem and Leinen, those who massacred Greece and wanted to massacre the Italy According to Corrao "it is only thanks to the 5 Star Movement that the anger of millions of citizens has been transformed peacefully into a political proposal. We hope that a similar process of liberation of peoples will take place in France. Macron and Renzi look alike. For them the bell is ringing ".

"A simple meeting of exchange and dialogue" to "listen to the experience of" yellow vests, "the claims of a movement born completely from below in France" but which "has contact points with the same claims of Italian citizens" . Thus the vice president of the European Parliament, M5S MEP Fabio Massimo Castaldo, responds to the press on yesterday's meeting in Paris between the five men and Christof Chalencon. "It was an important cognitive meeting", explained the MEP who yesterday was in Paris with Di Maio and Di Battista, "to talk about the experience of the 5 Star Movement, of the battles we supported at all levels: national, European , local ". Questioned about a possible alliance in the EU Parliament after the Europeans, Castaldo replied that "we do not exclude anything", but that "theirs is a movement that is totally in progress, that is now beginning to structure", with "someone who is trying to take steps in this sense ".

"The Italian government has delivered to the French and European Commission the dossier containing the analysis of the costs and benefits for the construction of the high-speed Turin-Lyon line. We consider it urgent and necessary that this impact assessment is made available as soon as possible public. Continuing or not with jobs involves the community and the general interests of European citizens ". This is what the Euro MPs, Patrizia Toia, Mercedes Bresso and Isabella De Monte, are asking in an urgent question to the European Commission.

"This is why - the MEPs continue - we asked the European Commission to come and report to Parliament and make the received text public and its own assessments, so that the publication of the data is the subject of wide-ranging discussion and criticism from part of all the subjects involved in the realization of the work, from the European institutions to the social parts, to the users, enterprises, regions and local territories directly concerned ". "Enough with the delay", conclude the three exponents of the Pd