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Six of The Best Video-game And Movie Themed Bars And Restaurants Around The World

by Julieta Kanode (2021-02-07)

Today's pandemic offers very little chances for people to go out and get together, but you bet they'll be getting together once the lockdowns ease up.

There are a lot of bars that will be filled with people, but why not give it a twist? There are bars, and then there are special bars where you can play classic arcade games while getting a little tipsy, or enjoying what seems to be a different world out of the ordinary.

Check out these bars from around the world while staying safe in your home. It kind of makes you feel like going out, eh? Make your plans, dust off your calendars, and keep a positive vibe going - you're going out virtually.

1. Steam Punk - Joben Bistro (ClujNapoca, Romania)

In Romania, there is a steam punk bar which serves drinks amid steam-powered machines and cogs.
The Joben Bistro in Cluj-Napoca makes you feel as if you're in a world straight out of H.G. Wells' novels. The industrial-themed watering hole has an art gallery and some inventions meant to make the experience unique. Enjoy a cold one while getting served by a gentleman in a bowler hat.

2. Square Enix-Artnia (Shinjuku district, Tokyo)

It might have been reported before, but the Square Enix cafe in Tokyo serves drinks like the 'Shiva' and the 'Blue Materia' cocktail. There are also other drinks, such as a good cup of hot latte with the smiling face of a Chocobo staring back at you.
The restaurant doesn't have a theme close to the Final Fantasy VI game, but it does have food items which are taken straight out of the developer's (and now restaurant operator) games.

3. The Big Lebowski - Lebowski Bar (Reykjavik, Iceland)

'It's all cool, man...' one might think of that statement when rolling right into the Lebowski Bar in Reykjavik.

The bar is decked in memorabilia straight out of the movie. It's suited in bowling paraphernalia, and a whole shelf is stocked with vodka and Kahlua. Drinks like The Siberian (White Russian milkshake) and the Dirty Russian (Pepsi-mixed drink) are popular in the bar.

4. Old-school Arcade - Vector Bar & Arcade (Clearwater, Tampa Bay)

Clearwater's local watering hole features a marvel video game news game bar, for those kids who just haven't grown up just yet. One wall is filled with 15 arcade machines, while the other has 10 pinball machines, and all takes only quarters.

The bar doesn't have any television, and it also appears to have no WiFi - quite like the 90s. The owner said that this is to encourage interaction between friends and new acquaintances.

5. Xenomorph-themed - H.R. Giger Bar (Chur, Switzerland)

If you're hankering for a bar that's straight out of the future of the movie franchise "Aliens," then head right to the H.R.
Giger Bar in Switzerland. So-named for the man who gave rise to the famous sci-fi horror franchise, the Giger bar features a lot of design aesthetics that is taken straight out of Giger's designs. It also features futuristic designs for the lights and mirrors, while runes on the floor present a special treat to visitors.

6. Capcom Games - Capcom Restaurant (Shinjuku, Japan)

Megaman, Devil May Cry, Phoenix Wright, and Monster Hunter - all of these are famous Capcom games, and all of them can be seen at the Capcom Restaurant in Shinjuku, Japan. When you step into the place, various merchandise and gaming kiosks featuring the developer's games meet you.
The food and drinks are also taken from the games, such as the Phoenix Wright-inspired Russian Roulette Takoyaki, and the Dragon Blood cocktails from the world of Monster Hunter. Visitors also stand the chance to go home with special merchandise when they manage to go to the restaurant during a special event.

These are the different bars and restaurants from around the world that feature elements of what makes us geeks - movies or game elements that have a special place with us. These themed restaurants truly mix in the fun of a movie night with a night out with friends.

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