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by Agile Rura (2020-10-26)

How to Make a Dancing Effect With Card Dancing
Card Dancing is an ancient form of dance that originated in Egypt, where it was known as makara or makar. In fact, it was a part of Egyptian religion at the time, as the gods were said to have performed in front of the statues in malaria.

Card dance basically takes a layer of squares, splits it up into a grid, and allows you to manipulate the grid in three dimensions by using gradients maps. (The principle behind using one layer for the movement of another layer is also commonly used in After Effects, so don't be afraid to learn the basics.)

If you are looking for a way to learn card dancing agen idn poker, you can use the card images in some of the free After Effects templates, such as the card dance clip or the spinning card dance clip. Once you've downloaded those, just select the dancing effect and drag the card into place. This will show you a preview of how the card dances on your layer.

You can see in the preview that it will be a black outline, but once you apply the effect, it will be filled with black. This allows you to create a border around the entire card dance effect. This means that when you put the card back down, it will have a border around it.

Once you learn card dancing, you'll find that you can use it on a variety of other things, including collages, posters, backgrounds, paintings, videos, or even music. In fact, there are so many things you can do with card dancing, I'm surprised this technique isn't more widely used. In the next lesson, I'm going to show you some other tips you can use to get creative with your card dancing effects idn poker.