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Man, 20, presses knee against child's neck in photo posted online

by Greta Farris (2020-07-25)

A 20-year-old Ohio man was pictured pressing his knee against a crying child's neck in a social media post that evokes the slaying of George Floyd in Minneapolis. 

evidence-ken-131023225034-phpapp02-thumbIsaiah Jackson was taken into custody by the Clark County Sheriff's Office on a parole violation this week and is facing possible felony charges for the image which circulated on social media with a caption 'BLM now MF', in a reference to the Black Lives Matter Movement.  

Investigators located Jackson Tuesday after they said they were notified about the image circulating online. 

The Clark County Sheriff's Office in Ohio says the man in a social media post pressing his knee against a young child porn's neck (pictured) is Isaiah Jackson, 20

Jackson, pictured in a previous arrrest photo, was held on a violation probation as prosecutors are weighing possible felony charges for the social media image, which evokes the police-related slaying of George Floyd

The unnamed child, who has his arms held behind his back by a second person whose face is not visible in the image, was taken to a hospital and found not to have been injured, authorities said. 

Officers, who also found the mother with the child when they located Jackson, said she claimed she was not aware of the photo being taken, or what it showed. Cops did not say what her relationship to Jackson was. 

The Clark County Sheriff's Office reported the incident to local prosecutors, who are currently weighing felony charges against Jackson.

Clark County Prosecutor Dan Driscoll told Thursday that Jackson remained held on a parole detainer and that the matter remained under investigation.





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Similar images have been posted online, but of people participating in a 'George Floyd challenge', mocking the image of the 46-year-old black father of five when he died during an arrest on Memorial Day.  

The picture taken from footage shot by a bystander shows officer Derek Chauvin, who is white, pressing his knee against Floyd's neck for almost nine minutes, leading to his death.

Chauvin lost his job and was charged with Floyd's murder over the incident, which sparked Black Lives Matter protests across the country calling for an end to police brutality and systematic racism. 

Participants in the George Floyd challenge typically mocked footage shot by a bystander of when officer Derek Chauvin, pressed his knee against George Floyd's neck for almost nine minutes, leading to his death. An image from the footage is pictured

The challenge that emerged on Snapchat showed dozens of teenagers sickeningly mocking the fatal arrest. The participants, who are mostly white males, are seen smiling in the photos and kneeling down on their necks of their friends.

Jackson's post appears to be a critical response to the challenge, although authorities are still investigating the motive, and who else may be involved. 

'Detectives continue to investigate, and are continuing to compile evidence related to several other persons who were directly involved,' the deputies said the released sheriff's office statement. 

'The Investigations Bureau of the Clark County Sheriff's Office has prepared the case against the male subject shown in the photo,' authorities explained.

Detectives said they are now 'awaiting the Office of the County Prosecutor to provide a determination on the scope and breadth of the felony charges that will be supported by that office for presentation in court'. 

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