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'It almost makes us look like pariahs,' says Lille owner Gerard Lopez

by Lester Kirkwood (2020-08-14)

is?FEi-1rlVWWdN0b5G1vWuo8MDBGtwKKAzejxKMFrance has made itself the pariah of European football after deciding to prematurely cancel the Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 seasons, according to Lille owner Gerard Lopez.

The French government, led by prime minister Édouard Philippe, were quick to make a decision that the leagues would not be able to return to action until September and so would cease for 2019-20 following the hiatus caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

England, Italy, Germany and 19 웹툰 청소부k Spain all left the decision to the footballing federations, in conjunction with their respective governments, and with the Bundesliga already back underway, the other three are now weeks away from resuming.

 French football was criticised as 'like idiots?' on a recent front page by L'Equipe newspaper

Lille owner Gerard Lopez felt the premature call makes the country look like football pariahs 





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L'Equipe ran a damning front page last week which read 'Like Idiots?' with regards to the decision to be among the first to make a decision when the patience of the other top four European leagues has led to plans to return to action.

'What saddens me is the image that this gave of French football,' Lopez told Sportsmail. 

'Almost like football is not important. I hear politicians in other countries stating that football is very important and is a way for people to rejoice again, that it's a way to get people to watch something that is live.

'It almost makes us look like pariahs, that there is something wrong in France with our football because everyone else is rejoicing and celebrating, to a large extent, that they are finally going to be seeing their teams again. We are like, "we're not worth it" and that is what hurts me.'

Lyon President Jean-Michel Aulas is prepared to take legal action to the highest court

Paris Saint-Germain were declared as champions after the season was ended on April 28