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JPMorgan gets China's nod for first fully foreign-owned futures...

by Aundrea Arden (2020-08-28)

The approval for JPMorgan to launch its futures business follows on from other licences the bank has received in the last six months to increase its shareholding in other financial services business in China. Amongst all the banking cards that are used, the credit card is one of the most popular ones. There are plenty of reason why this card is popular, ranging from a large access to funds, flexible credit card payment and reward system amongst many others.

The good news is, there is now an increasing array of apps and tools that can help you get your finances ready so that you stand the best chance possible of making your dream home a reality. LONDON, June 24 (Reuters) - Britain's oldest peer-to-peer lending platform Zopa has been awarded a full banking licence by regulators, becoming the latest online player to expand into traditional banking services in a bid to boost profitability. When to use this card For your overall credit card strategy, the Chase Freedom Unlimited can be the only card in your wallet if you're going for simplicity, or your preferred card for whenever you buy something outside of another bonus category, like a plane ticket if you don't have a card that offers bonus points for travel purchases.

Keep in mind that cards that offer higher percentages on certain categories, credit card advance like the Capital One Savor's 4% for dining and entertainment, offer only 1% back on all other categories, so it pays to have a flat-rate card like the Freedom Unlimited handy for purchases that don't fall into your other card's bonus categories. It can also be useful when paired with a card that earns Chase Ultimate Rewards points, because you can convert your rewards into points which can increase their value. The salient features are: No joining fees is levied on various cards High security ensured through EMP Chip The bank provides the 50 days long free credit period The customer can get discount on railway tickets You can repay the credit availed in multiple ways Cash back facility on every spend 100% cash withdrawal facility Photo imprinted cards Free/ Discounted access to airport lounges Exciting hotels and holiday vouchers Assistance across the globe in times of emergency Unique cards for defense personnel A insurance cover Avail discount on air tickets Heavy reward points Attractive discounts on dining Free movie tickets or get movie tickets at discounted rates Special Features- What demarcates the product from other banks are its unique features.

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