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Student, 20, shares his $100,000 scratchie win with the newsagent

by Riley Rubio (2020-08-30)


A student who won $100,000 on his first-ever scratch card has shared his prize with the newsagent owner after she encouraged him to buy the ticket.

The Perth man in his late 20s was purchasing his weekly Oz Lotto ticket at Morley North News but his $6.60 pay slip did not meet the shop's minimum $10 limit. 

'The woman asked if I'd like to buy a scratchie to make up the difference, so I agreed,' he said, A Perth student, aged in his 20s, won $100,000 from his first-ever  Scratch'n'Win ticket (pictured)

'I scratched it in the car and had to go back and check to see if what I'd won was right because I've never bought a scratchie before.'The international student won $100,000 from the $5 Break the Bank scratchie and said he plans to spend the the money to pay for his studies and to try and become an Australian citizen.  RELATED ARTICLES

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But first he returned back to the newsagent with a portion to say thank you.  'He came in with a box of chocolates and shared $300 of his winnings with us to say thank you for convincing him to buy a Scratch'n'Win ticket,' Morley North News owner Anna Chung said. Ms Chung said she was stunned by the generous gift and called the student a man. She said the money will go towards buying a new bed for her daughter.  The man later returned to Morley North News (pictured) to gift the owner Anna Chung $300 from his prize money

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