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Then and wow, FEMAIL unveil the women who look better now than ever

by Nestor Mendelsohn (2020-09-09)

FEMAIL uncovers the changing appearance of Fiona Bruce (pictured left in 2003 and right in 2017)

AGE 38 

In 2003, the TV presenter sported a shorter cut and choppy fringe — which is messy, uneven in the middle and makes her face look rounder. 

The darker shade of her hair, combined with the lack of eye make-up and deep pink lips, wash her out.


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AGE 55 

The Question Time host appears radiant, with glowing skin and toned down, taupe shades of make-up. 

Her hair is now much softer, too, with honey-blonde highlights that Ways to brighten the skin her whole look.

The longer cut also flatters her face shape.