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International Women's Day: Tech VIPs on how to thrive in the digital world

by Curtis Oles (2020-09-12)

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Tech's leading women shed light on preparing the labor force of the future.

Francesco Carta Fotografo/Getty Images

International Women's Day, marked on March 8, 구글 검색 serves as an opportunity to both celebrate women in technology and hear from female leaders in the industry.

With that in mind, we've turned the floor over to some of the key women in the tech field, asking them all the same question: "If you were asked about how to ensure American students and workers are equipped to thrive in the modern, digital economy and what tech's role is in creating and enabling the workforce of the future, what would you say?"

Not coincidentally, it's the same question posed to , an appearance filled with controversy. 

But it remains a question, given the speed at which the digital economy evolves. With tech playing an increasingly important role in driving the US economy, it's also a sector providing many employment opportunities for women, from engineering to design to leading some of the world's biggest . Women can also play a crucial role in improving tech for better in the future -- reducing bias in the field of , for example.