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Aiming to Win Megamillions?

by Elvis Case (2020-09-14)

Although winning megamillions lottery is not a child play, but it is also not that much hard. This USA's multi-state lottery can be won if one has a passion to play intelligibly. If you are aiming to play megamillions lottery and are thinking about the ways how to hit its jackpot, here are some considerations you should make before indulging in the game:

  • What is Megamillions exactly?

Megamillions is $1 lotto game played in US whose minimum advertised jackpot is $15 million. The game is played in 45 jurisdictions and has a payout about 50%. To play the game, participant has to select 6 numbers and hope that the numbers picked are the same as those drawn. There are two methods to pick megamillions numbers - selecting the numbers yourself or huay9 selecting them with the help of a machine. In first method, player has to randomly pick 5 numbers from a set of 56 numbers and one number from a set of 46 numbers. Second method is called 'quick pick' where a terminal selects numbers for the players.

  • What are the payment options available once you hit the jackpot?

If you win megamillions jackpot, two payment options will be give to you - cash option and annual payout. In cash option, the present cash value of megamillions jackpot is given to you in one lump sum. If you choose annuity option, annual installments are paid to you every year and this continues over a span of 20-30 years till you receive the jackpot amount.

  • What is the eligibility to play megamillions?

Minimum age to buy lottery tickets for megamillions is 18 almost everywhere with exceptions like Lowa, Arizona and Louisiana where one should be at least 21 years old. Also, in many states, minimum age to get megamillions tickets is 19 years.

  • Where and when megamillions draws are held?

Megamillions drawings are held in studios of WSB-TV, Atlanta, Georgia every Tuesday and Friday night at 11.00 P.M.

  • Where to buy megamillions lotto tickets?

Some of the states that sell megamillions tickets are Arizona, New Jersey, North Dakota, Texas, Virginia, South Carolina, Ohio, Maine, Kansas, Georgia, Washington D.C., Illinois, Arkansas, New Hampshire, Kentucky, New Mexico, California, New York, West Virginia, Colorado, Indiana, South Dakota, Michigan, Missouri, Louisiana, Tennessee, Oregon, Oklahoma, Idaho, Connecticut, Montana, Iowa, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island, Vermont, , Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Nebraska and U.S Virgin island. If you do not belong to any of these states, the best way to buy megamillions tickets is through LottoTicketsOnline. It is one of the genuine places that sell tickets of world's biggest lotteries. Get those tickets now!

  • What is megaplier and its benefits?

It is a feature in which players can increase their non jackpot prizes by multiplying them with 2, 3, 4 or 5. For using megaplier, one has to pay extra $1 for their every ticket.

  • How to hit megamillions jackpot?

To win the game, first of all, a person should play wisely. Secondly, he or she should focus on some playing strategies that can help in picking the right numbers. For example- many gamers use software to pick the best numbers while others never use popular numbers as they think they would have been already chosen by many players.

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