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2021 Ford Bronco: How we'd spec it - Roadshow

by Ashton McCarty (2020-12-14)

slot1111_03.jpgFor my Bronco, สล็อตออนไลน์ I picked a trim that would work really well around town, but still be plenty capable should I want to take it out to some trails or into the desert for camping. The Badlands trim is just one notch below the hard-core off-road Wildtrak version, and therefore has the narrower wheels and slimmer fenders, which I like from a purely visual standpoint. I also decided on Cactus Gray because it feels like the most authentic-yet-toned-down Bronco color and I'm not usually one for loudly colored vehicles.

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Hells, yeah, I did! I'm more about going fast in the dirt than I am about rock crawling, so I'm opting for the Wildtrak trim. It's the only trim to get a Baja mode and if it's anything like the Baja mode in the Raptor, it should lock out the top gears to keep the revs, and the fun levels, high. The IRS said those who receive federal benefits, have dependent children and weren't required to file a tax return in 2018 or 2019 needed to act by late April or early May to receive a full payment this year.

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So far, there's no word on whether the Treasury would use debit cards for the second round of payments. Lest you think I'm completely puritanical, I did grab a few practical options. For added protection, you've got to go with the heavy-duty modular front bumper, which includes upgraded front bash plates. These enhancements are totally affordable at just $825. I also threw in the $495 sound-deadening headliner to keep exterior noise at bay. Lastly, I grabbed the $110 keyless entry keypad so I can lock the fob in my Bronco and not worry about losing it while out adventuring.

At the end of the day, slotxo with no running boards, no roof rack and no bull, my Bronco build checked out for a totally reasonable $31,315 including options and a usurious $1,495 in destination fees. This is proof positive that you can have a cool and capable ride without going bankrupt.