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Pontiac brand is area of the General Motors family

by Sunny Grove (2020-12-31)

The Institute for 2021 Pontiac Aztek Road Safety Insurance (IIHS) gave the Aztecs a minor overall score in previous offset tests. The medial side barrier test simulates the collision of a moving barrier with an automobile traveling at a speed of 38.5 miles per hour. The Rollover Resistance test measures the danger of overturning in a single 2021 Pontiac Aztek vehicle, in a lack of control scenario. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) crash test rating combines the star ratings of drivers and passengers into a single frontal rating. However, they didn't pass the medial side effect test. The frontal obstacle test simulates the collision of two similar vehicles moving at a rate of 35 miles each.

The Aztek was styled under the direction of Tom Peters, who would later design the Chevrolet Corvette. According to an analysis in 2000, BusinessWeek said the Aztek was to signal a style renaissance for GM, and to "make a statement about breaking from GM's instinct for caution." One designer said that during the design process, the Aztek was made "aggressive for the sake to be aggressive." Peters, the Chief Designer said "we wanted to do a bold, in-your-face vehicle that wasn't for everybody." The 2000 Business Week study said the Aztek was "the first awkward step toward innovation with a company that has avoided that path," likening "the debacle to Ford's remodeling of its 1996 Taurus sedan." The front of the vehicle is apparently an attempt at reviving an appearance Pontiac used in the 1970s with the Pontiac GTO, and was a shared appearance with the Grand Am.

The design employed conventional rear outswing doors rather than sliding doors and a bi-parting rear tailgate, the reduced section formed with seat indentations and cupholders. Other features included a front center console that doubled as a removable cooler, Optional rear stereo controls in the cargo area, optional sliding cargo floor with grocery compartments and optional camping package having an attachable tent and air mattress. The Pontiac Aztek is just a mid-size crossover marketed by General Motors from model years 2001 to 2005, along using its corporate cousin, the Buick Rendezvous.

However it wasn't until the 1960s that the Pontiac brand truly came into its own. American manufacturers had begun to provide downsized alternatives to the gigantic cruisers that had ruled the highways in previous decades. By equipping the vehicle with the powerful 389 cubic-inch V8 from the full-size car line, Pontiac created the very first "muscle car." Phenomenally successful, the GTO helped define the burgeoning muscle car category. In 1964, Pontiac made its biggest impact yet with the creation of the GTO selection for the Tempest. Pontiac also saw tremendous success during the latter part of the decade with its Firebird and Firebird Trans Am. The sprawling, stylish cruiser offered equal measures of performance and luxury, and was a breakout hit. Pontiac came to advertise with the compact Tempest. The 1950s saw the introduction of the Pontiac Bonneville.

Dubbed the "Chief of the Sixes," the vehicle was powered with a six-cylinder engine and made its debut at that year's New York auto show. Pontiac originated whilst the Oakland Car Company of Pontiac, Michigan, in 1907; it was founded by Edward Murphy. It had been so successful that the Oakland name was phased out in support of Pontiac, the name of an 18th-century chief of the Ottawa Indians. Through the 1930s and'40s Pontiac made coupes, sedans and wagons in the low-to-mid price ranges. Acquired by General Motors in 1909, Oakland introduced the very first Pontiac vehicle in 1926. A unique styling cue of Pontiac cars from the mid-'30s to the mid-'50s was called "Silver Streak," some art-deco-inspired chrome "speed lines" that ran up over the size of the hood to the foot of the windshield.

Optionally, the 10-speaker Pioneer head unit provided controls for tailgate parties mounted on the rear of the vehicle, and a unique 2-piece rear door fitted with cup holders and contoured seats for added convenience. Options include a Pontiac Aztek removable refrigerator and a middle console that acts as a tent / inflatable bed set, which, along with a built-in air compressor, allowed the 2021 Azteks to become listed on the camp. There have been numerous special shelves for backpacks and bicycles, canoes, snowboards, and the like, mounted on a seat that enlarged this picture.

Dan Neil, a Pulitzer Prize-winning car critic and syndicate columnist, violates among the basic rules of Aztek car design. The shame is that under this ugliness was a helpful, skilled crossover. The 2021 Pontiac Aztekwas distinguished by their controversial style. The Pontiac Aztek one of many first car to be built using fully computerized rapid prototyping / rapid visualization tools. The control panel is designed by Johnson Controls and is equipped with a Pontiac trademark red lighting scheme and an optional head screen.

The Pontiac brand is area of the General Motors family, and is home to lots of the automaker's more performance-oriented vehicles. However, within GM's restructuring plan, the brand is slated to be discontinued by the finish of the 2010 model year. Currently, the marque supplies a broad selection of sporty cars and SUVs.