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How to Find your Lost ESA Dog?

by Real ESA Letter (2019-12-29)

Has Coco gone astray?

Do You Have an Emotional support dog letter?

Cannot find him and worried about his whereabouts? Pet and ESA owners know that sometimes our beloved canine helps himself to a trip in the neighborhood. And that also without our knowledge and permission, dogs will always be dogs!

Losing sight of Coco is one of our worst nightmares but, believe us, every animal owner has experienced it at some point in their life. Therefore, it is good to have a plan of action ready, in case your ESA decides to have a walk around the neighborhood, or farther.

In case you cannot find Coco anywhere, try the following methods.

1.Call a Search Party

In case the food trick does not work, call your friends and gather family members and your neighbors to form a search party. They must have all seen your pup and know what it looks like but still, handing them a photo is always a good idea. Hand them some of your dog’s favorite treats and search in the places he usually likes to visit or spend time.

2.Use the Microchip Tracking

If you have a tracking device like an identification microchip embedded in Coco’s skin then use it to track your pup. Microchips are great to track your animal in real quick time. Call your veterinarian, closeby pet shelters and local authorities for help. The trick usually works and you’ll get Coco soon enough.

3. Notice The Time 

Observe the time and see for how long Coco has been missing. If you are outside and in a neighborhood, see for how long he has been out of your sight. Usually, placing a bowl of their favorite treat in the garden does the trick and they are out romping in delight.

4.Always have an Identification Tag on Coco

Identification tags are an absolute must for your animal. Put the tag with your dog’s collar and imprint your name and contact details on it. This way, in the case when Coco gets lost, people finding it could contact you easily. This is especially helpful when the animal does not know its way back home.

We know that you really care for Coco and this is why you have worked so hard to get an ESA letter for housing to live with it. And Coco appreciates it too. We also kjow that losing a oet or an ESA os devaatatinng; these ways will help you find it easily and quickly.