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What Everybody Else Does When It Comes To Simply Passionate About Bettas And What You Should Do Different

by Jake Handt (2018-09-10)

Bettas can be a freshwater tropical aquarium fish native to Thailand. They are labyrinth breathers, and therefore they are adapted to look at oxygen from your atmosphere too as from your water, and bubble nesters, and thus the male betta blows a nest of bubbles and tends his eggs there.

betta fish careDriftwood is beneficial for soft water fish like bettas. It releases beneficial tannins into water, similar for the betta's native habitat. However, it's best to buy driftwood marked specifically for aquarium use, as driftwood found outdoors could possibly be contaminated.

Filtering and Aeration: Because bettas are anabantoids, or labyrinth breathers, filtration and aeration usually are not required, as they may be for most fish. Bettas are derived from stagnant, warm water within the wild, and also have adapted to look at oxygen in the atmosphere in the surface of the water. This is why bettas can survive in such small tanks without filters.

Water temperature ought to be monitored carefully. Because they're not adjustable and do not work with a thermostat, temperature in the tank may fluctuate with room temperature, so care must be taken that ambient temperature is stable.

A sorority set-up is not natural for your bettas, though convenient for your keepers, and they should be monitored closely. Some female bettas are just too aggressive How to Treat Ich (Ichthyophthirius Multifilis) Betta Fish Diseases be put in a sorority. It is important to maintain an eye on such a set-up to be sure the bettas feel safe and happy. Only experienced betta keepers should manage a sorority.

Male bettas blow bubblenests. Some do so more than others. It isn't a sign of happiness or sadness whether or not the betta blows a bubblenest or otherwise not. Male bettas blow bubblenests to keep their eggs in until they hatch, and it is a reproductive instinct for the kids to achieve this.