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What You Don't Know About Simply Passionate About Bettas Could Be Costing To More Than You Think

by Tobias Huot (2018-09-12)

betta fishIndian almond leaf (IAL) or blackwater extract (BWE) may also be helpful inside the prevention of problems with bettas, and mimic the betta's natural habitat. It acts as a mild antiseptic, lowers the pH, and has beneficial tannins.

In many cases, plain tap water is right for bettas, nonetheless it must be given water conditioner (also called dechlorinator). This removes chlorine and chloramine as well as neutralizes chemical toxins, tending to kill your fish. There are many good brands of water conditioner that work nearly instantly, like Prime and AquaSafe.

Every betta is different and some are better suited to presenting tankmates than these.

For boredom biters, there can be a variety of things you can do to enrich the betta's environment. There is little that might be done for bettas who bite to relieve the drag of these fins (halfmoons, deltas along with other long-finned bettas are particularly at risk of this), although reducing current in the water may help in the event the tank is filtered or aerated.

Live plants are really beneficial. Not only do they look here great and offer interest to the aquarium in your case and your betta, additionally, they help keep water parameters stable minimizing toxins in the river. Some great plants to the betta aquarium are Java moss (Vesicularia dubyana), Java fern (Microsorum pteropus) and Anubias nana.

Temperatures which are too low will result in a compromised defense mechanisms leading to susceptibility to parasites and bacterial infections, slowed metabolism ultimately causing digestive problems and listlessness, and also other health problems.