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Serious Lean Mass Gain and Pro-Anabolics

by Daniel Dickens (2018-10-20)

Many people don't know about pro-anabolics and how they can help with lean
mass gain. Bodybuilders and weight lifters are all after the same one thing.
That is, a lean hard body. Getting these serious results is definitely not an
easy task. There is so much to a human body that it is very difficult to decide
what works. For some, it seems easy and no one really knows if it is their
genetics, pro hormones, pro steroids, or even illegal steroids.

One thing that has come from the Eastern Europeans is pro-anabolic agents. Until
recently, these agents were a huge secret, only being used by Communist
athletes. When Communism began to fall, the secrets started coming out. One
compound turned out to be Ecdysterone - a very powerful pro-anabolic. Some of
the newly found data regarding this pro-hormone show that athletes who took
large doses of the Ecdysterone made extreme gains in muscle size, endurance, and

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