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It was at my sister's kitchen, aside from nephew's first birthday presents, in the front of the orchids her brother purchased the prior week, that I felt her electricity.

by Zane Balcombe (2018-11-30)

She is my sister's sister-in-law. I have a close family so for me it felt as crossing a line. However, it is a line I would cross dozen occasions. It's a line that I am still crossing to the day. We were both spending time in my sister's home on reprieve in our complicated and stressful lives. Aida was 22 and see unable with post-college life. Her dad was off in Jacksonville and that she missed her brother and nephew so chose to spend time at the home.

tumblr_n5ijo7RGXO1rgfuneo1_500.jpg;nice-A way of leaning back in. I was 25 and had only ended a destructive two year old relationship. We'd flirted at moments before, but I mostly dismissed. She was younger, less experienced and mentally a lot of lessons behind. It felt the same as a line. Then I crossed this. Hyper-sexual was a way of describing us as humans. Aida was lust. It. Every curve on her body was soft and supple. But, she cut off sharp. That energy is palpable.

You can not discount it. Her sexuality threatened most, as it seemed too simple, too inborn.