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by Viet Nam (2018-08-15)

Asparagus grows abundantly in the mountain forest northwest of Vietnam, is used to make out many dishes help improve the quality of family meals. In addition to the dishes of fresh bamboo shoots, to keep is shoots long, people fellow Tay, Thai dish sour bamboo shoots withered (ethnic called “it, squat wilt”) , with the characteristic flavor sour bamboo shoots wilt, become a famous specialty in the northwest of our country, especially in the province of Yen Bai. Sour bamboo shoots wilt bring the bold, unique primitive of the bamboo bamboo, lugs as carrying the essence of the northwest. Under the afternoon, after work, miss the people back into the forest, picking asparagus remove heavy gui to bring a sour bamboo shoots wilt reserve.
Under the porch, in the slightly smoky kitchen, the dim, the women sat in twos and threes, bring the bamboo to peel away layers of the hard outer shell to reveal layers of white cement, the same acrid smell warm dark. After washed, the knife touching the cutting board sounded, how when thai cement to break the quiet atmosphere of the evening. Cement is finely beveled, thin vertical grain, about 5 to 6 cm. When the day faded, night fell gobble up ray of light faint, finally, women who have thai cement finish are soak water in jars. Bamboo shoots are soaked from 20 to 25 days. When taking out the shoots were fermented into sour bamboo shoots, then bring squeeze out the water and basking in the sun to wither away. The shoots are delicious, have to be long or not, but depending on there exposure plenty of sunshine, not. Today, the dishes prepared from sour bamboo shoots wilt always be present in cozy meal of ethnic Tay, Thai, or on the holidays using deals. The slices of sour bamboo shoots wilt chewy, sour, although processed into soup or stir-fried dishes are the most to please the guests. This result is a delicious specialty that mountains has endowed the people of the highland Yen Bai are warm.


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by Garena Poker (2019-02-23)

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by nagahoki hoki (2019-03-07)

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