Journal History

 Ekspektra: The Business and Management Journal was published by the Dr Soetomo University Management Study Program in Surabaya in collaboration with the Indonesian Economic Doctoral Staff (IDEI). The publication of this journal aims to improve the quality of science, and channel the interests of sharing and disseminating knowledge to academics, students, practitioners and observers of science. Editors receive research results articles related to financial management science, marketing management, human resource management and business. Journal of Management and Business - Expectations are published twice a year, namely the February and August editions.

The article published in this journal has passed the selection stage. After being received from the author, the article was selected administratively. Selection criteria include the suitability of writing with the writing format (selingkung style) Business Journal and Management - Expectra, topic / discussion feasibility, scope. After passing the administrative selection, the article will be blinded by two reviewers / partners for content selection, the relevance of the research method used, the significance of contributions to the development of science and professions related to Management and Business, as well as the current reference. an expert who is independent from the editor. The editor has the right to select and provide constructive reviews, and submit the evaluation results to the article writer.