Pengembangan pembelajaran berbasis permainan monopoli Indonesia

Rahaju Rahaju, Dwi Fita Heriyawati


The methods of learning most often used by elementary school teachers are speech and giving assignments. The presence of 2013 curriculum with a scientific approach does not change the way teachers teach the students. Game-based learning is very suitable with the character of students at the elementary level who still like to play. Preparation of game-based learning includes two things, namely the preparation of rules or steps of learning as well as the appropriate game media. Thus, the implementation of game-based learning must be prepared in earnest and based on theories and principles of learning. The debriefing of game-based learning is carried out through several stages, namely: training, mentoring, modeling, and workshops. Through training, teachers gain knowledge about learning related to game-based learning. Modeling is intended to provide a concrete example of the implementation of game-based learning. Workshops and mentoring are intended to assist teachers in preparing and implementing game-based learning. Assistance is needed to guide and evaluate teacher performance.

Keywords: Game-Based Learning; Elementary School Teacher; Indonesian Monopoly Game.

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