This journal as the discussion focused on the challenges of development of scientific knowledge in business, engineering and the most feasible way of addresseing challenge. The filler journal is devoted to the lecturers of the faculty of agriculture Unitomo agricultural technology, and faculty from various universities  An attempt was made to represent as much as possible of the groups and organizations working in areas related to the theme of this journal. All papers will be published in this journal will be adjusted in line with the Conference Proceedings ISBN. Selected manuscripts will be published in the International Journal indexed by Scopus, by first contacting the author

P-ISSN  : 2581-1908

E-ISSN : 2597-3843

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Vol 2, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents


(1) Heni Adhianata ()
10.25139/tbo.v2i1.782 Views of Abstract: 361 | PDF: 290
(2) Asri Puspita Wardhani (Akademi OTTIMO SURABAYA, Indonesia)
(3) Heni Adhianata (Akademi OTTIMO SURABAYA, Indonesia)
(4) Nabillah Aisah Amir ()
10.25139/tbo.v2i1.783 Views of Abstract: 504 | PDF: 456
(5) Fajar Kurnia Hartati (universitas dr soetomo)
(6) Rosdiana Akmala Rifannuha (universitas dr soetomo)
10.25139/tbo.v2i1.785 Views of Abstract: 242 | PDF: 101
(7) Mahrus Ali (UNMER SURABAYA, Indonesia)
(8) Wulan Wulan (universitas dr soetomo)
10.25139/tbo.v2i1.786 Views of Abstract: 590 | PDF: 554
(9) Bambang SS (, Indonesia)
(10) Serly Angga Winata (, Indonesia)
10.25139/tbo.v2i1.787 Views of Abstract: 272 | PDF: 123