Switching Systems Designing Based on IoT

Dian Ahkam Sani, Immilda Lailatul Fijriyah


The development of technology has progressed very rapidly in a short period, as has technology that has recently been developed in various aspects of life, namely the Internet of Things. In the past, controlling household electrical appliances was usually done directly by pressing a button on the house's wall and was very ineffective when the house owner was out of town while the house was empty. With the Internet of Things technology, a system can be applied in everyday life, namely controlling household electrical appliances to turn off and remotely using internet communication via an android smartphone. In this system design, a control design using a series of microcontrollers and relays connected to a smartphone via the internet is used because the microcontroller already has a  Wireless Fidelity (WIFI) module. The results of controlled tests on household electrical appliances can run well. All components of the design of the device are well integrated with smartphones and the internet. Control can be done anywhere and anytime. System response during the day between 1-4 seconds and at night between 1-2 seconds.


Switching System Design, Internet of Things, Microcontroller, On / Off, Smartphone, Internet.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.25139/ijair.v2i2.3138


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