Representasi sosiopat dalam web series korea it’s okay to not be okay

  • Novi Prasetya Kalbis
  • Tangguh Wibowo KALBIS Institute
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Web series It's Okay to Not Be Okay illustrates how people with mental health illnesses are still an issue that gets less attention in society. Ko Moon-young's character represents how a sociopath behaves and behaves in his environment with all his shortcomings in self-control. The purpose of this study is to show the representation of a sociopath in the web series It's Okay to Not Be Okay. This study uses a qualitative approach with a descriptive type of research to explain how a sociopath is described through the character of Ko Moon-young. This research uses representation theory with semiotic analysis technique from Charles Sanders Peirce with sign, object, and interpretant. From the results of research which shows that a sociopath thinks that is irrational, selfish, has no empathy, has no shame.

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Tangguh Wibowo, KALBIS Institute

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Wibowo started his academic career as Managing Editor of Kawistara Journal at Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta. His research interest on Social Networking, Cultural Studies, and internet daily-life.