Representation of Bad Mother in Pengabdi Setan Film

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This research begins with the interest in horror films in the community
and the polemic of generations with transitional periods they face. Through the
movie of Pengabdi Setan, it implies conservative values covering these two things.
The author aims to provide a new perspective in this. Some previous studies only
provide a scientific view from the mother's side without providing a new perspective
on the involvement of generations in the film.
With dispositive critical discourse analysis, it can be used to analyze widely within the
scope of film works, data reinforcement in this study is in the form of interviews with
writers who make works with the same story pattern. The author finds the role of
conservative values through the Hantu Ibu figure in providing awareness of the
female womb being shaped into a Bad Mother in visual and textual terms and its
relationship to the transition of the younger generation.

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Narita Pertiwi, Universitas Dr. Soetomo