Author Guidelines

General Author Guidelines

Manuscript should be written in English.

  1. Manuscript may be written in the form of research results, scientific articles, literature studies and comparative research in English or Western culture, language and literature that have not been published.
  2. Size of the manuscript paper should be in A4 and in Microsoft Word program format.
  3. Times New Roman font type should be used for the manuscript description in English.
  4. Font size should be set to 14 pt for Indonesian title, 12 pt for English title, 12 pt for manuscript description, 11 pt for Indonesian and English abstracts, 11 pt for the data and their translations, and 10.5 pt for the title and text description in table/chart/picture.
  5. The line spacing of the manuscript should be 1.5 spacing for descriptions, 1 spacing for abstract, 1 spacing for direct quotation of a theory with more than 3 lines.
  6. Size of margin should be set as 3 cm (top and left) and 3 cm (bottom and right).
  7. Article length should be between 10 to 18 pages including table/chart/picture and references.
  8. Manuscript should be written using 2-columns format.