The Inquiries of Racial Violence on Lauryn Hill’s Black Rage

  • Nia Ayu Fitriani Universitas Dr. Soetomo
  • Putri Ayu Millenia Universitas Dr Soetomo
  • Ni Nyoman Sarmi Universitas Dr Soetomo
  • Rommel Utungga Pasopati Universitas Dr Soetomo
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Keywords: Black Rage, L. Richardson, Lauryn Hill, Phillip Goff, Racial Violence


Racism is a racial problem occurs in multicultural societies that triggers negative impacts such as fights and segregations. The situation is also reflected in literature, one of them is in the song Black Rage by Lauryn Hill. The song involves situation of racial violence in which is also supported by the perspectives of L. Richardson and Phillip Goff. The main analysis of this song is that racial violence keeps intact in society nowadays due to practices of degrading the black race through ideology of skin supremacy. In conclusion, racial violence is not monolithic yet dead and static. It keeps going on through various practices while many literatures are aware to take those conditions into their main themes.