the Characters’ Prejudice in Maugham’s “Mr. Know All” (1924)

Characters’ Prejudice in Maugham’s “Mr. Know All” (1924)

  • Rahmah UIN Sunan Ampel
  • Machfud UIN Sunan Ampel
  • Syaikhu UIN Sunan Ampel
  • Rohman UIN Sunan Ampel
  • Atiq Muhammad Romdhon
  • Abu Fanani Fanani UIN Sunan Ampel
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Keywords: stereotype, categorization, discrimination, social learning


This study aims at analyzing the types and the impacts of prejudice in Maugham’s “Mr. Know All.”  Using close reading approach focusing on the specific details of the story deeper meaning with the theory of prejudice, the researcher reveals the prejudice types of the characters as well as their impacts. The result of the study is that the characters do prejudice to each other and have the impacts on the characters. Such types of prejudice as stereotype, categorization, discrimination, and social learning as well as the impacts of the prejudice on the characters are evidences that the researcher’s study has the novelty.