Pengalaman Mahasiswa Mengenai Cyberbullying Di Media social

  • Fanny Nur Aprilia Mahasiswa
  • Didik Sugeng Widiarto
  • Erni Ayu Jusnita
  • M Reza Ishadi Fadillah
  • Hartopo Eko Putro,
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Keywords: Interpersonal Communication, Perception, Social Media, Cyber Bullying


Cyberbullying, which is one form of the negative impact of technological sophistication, has a significant influence on the sufferer, which often results in victims. This study aims to find out and explore students' perceptions of cyberbullying that occurs on social media. This study aims to explore student perceptions of cyberbullying. The research method used was a survey with a questionnaire as a data collection instrument. Respondents were students from various tertiary institutions who participated voluntarily. The results of the study show that the level of student awareness of cyberbullying is still quite low, even though such incidents often occur in the digital world. In addition, most students feel the need for further education about cyberbullying and how to prevent it. It is hoped that this research can provide a better understanding of student perceptions of the phenomenon of cyberbullying and can become the basis for developing more effective prevention strategies in the higher education environment.

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Aprilia, F. N., Didik Sugeng Widiarto, Erni Ayu Jusnita, M Reza Ishadi Fadillah, & Hartopo Eko Putro,. (2023). Pengalaman Mahasiswa Mengenai Cyberbullying Di Media social . Journal Communication Specialist, 2(1), 42-59.

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