Tyler Dudler’s Shadow As Seen In Jim Uhls’ Fight Club Movie Script

  • Nicco Bagas Arwanda Universitas Dr. Soetomo
  • Drs.Putut Handoko M.Pd Universitas Dr. Soetomo
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The title thesis is Tyler Dudler’s Shadow as aeen In Jim Uhls’ Fight Club Movie Script .The objectives of the study are to find out Tyler’s shadow portrayal, the cause of Tyler’s Dudler’s shadow and the effect of Tyler’s Dudler’s shadow.The thesis writer applies the main theory about shadow from Carl Gustav Jung and conducts descriptive qualitative research. The finding shows that the Portrayal of Tyler Dudler’s shadow seen in Jim Uhls’ Fight Club Movie script’s are that first, when Tyler work as projectionist at cinemas, he put a porno scene into family movies, Second Tyler poisons the guest food with his sneeze, Thrrd, Tyler shows his shadow when he urges the narrator to break his passive behavior by engaging ‘in acts of violence. The cause of Tyler Dudler shadow is full repression. The effect of Tyler Dudler’s shadow on Tyler Dudler are an active opposition and cloack and dagger.


Keyword : Shadow, Fight Club, movie script