Effects Of Sand And Sugar Consentration Rosella (Hisbiscus Sabdariffalinn) Against Quality Of Jelly Candy

  • universitas dr soetomo
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Jelly candy is one type of soft candy that has a characteristic chewy but easy to chew. Making rosella as a candy in the hope that these products have more vitamin content than in general candys. This study aims to determine the concentration of rosella extract and sugar right to organoleptic quality and vitamin C content in making candy jelly. Experiment used a Completely Randomized Design (RAL) with 2 factors: rosella extraction (2.5%, 3.75% and 5%) and sugar (54%, 56% and 58%) each treatment was repeated 3 times. Determination of best treatment of all parameters of the study was conducted by using the effectiveness test. The result of this research on treatment of rosella extract concentration 3,75% and sugar 58%, with result value (NH) that is 0,86 with average parameter of vitamin C content = 19,17%, sugar content reduction 2,44% , flavor = 5.20 (kinda like), aroma = 4.38 (neutral), color = 5.65 (kinda like) and elasticity = 5.13 (kinda like).



Keywords: Jelly candy, concentration: rosella and sugar.