The Effect Of Different Proportions Red Dragon Fruit Skin On Antioxidant Activity And Organoleptic Quality Red Dragon Fruit Skin Syrup (Hylocereus Polyrhizus)

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Dragon fruit is kind of plant that has a lot of advantage. Beside the flesh of the fruit, the fruit skin has an advantage as another food product, because it contains antioxidants. Purpose of the research was to determine the best proportion of red dragon fruit skin against antioxidant activity and the most preferred organoleptic qualities in dragon fruit skin syrup. The benefit of this research is to add knowledge about utilization of waste especially red dragon fruit skin into healthful syrup and create diversity of new processed food products. Research method used is laboratory experimental method. Direct data collection of subject symptoms in real and artificial situations in laboratory experimental activities. The method designs by using complete randomized design (RAL). Result of the research are red dragon fruit syrup with different proportions significant effect on antioxidant activity and organoleptic quality. The best treatment is in the treatment of F3 (proportion of  red dragon fruit skin 550 grams), with the best results (NH) 0,92 with parameter criteria, antioxidant activity 58,45%, IC50 217,46 ppm,  color 5,41 (rather like), taste 5,45 (rather like), flavor 4,29 (neutral).


Key words : red dragon fruit skin, antioxidant.