Analisa Boraks dan Formalin Terhadap Bakso Pada Kecamatan Rungkut Kota Surabaya

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  • Kejora Handarini Universitas Dr. Soetomo
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Keywords: Meatball, Borax, Formalin, Alkalimeter, titration.


The purpose of this study was to carry out qualitative and quantitative analysis of borax and formalin in meatballs circulating in the Rungkut District. The research method used in this study was a descriptive survey research, namely to determine the content of borax and formalin in meatballs. Sampling was carried out using the incidental sampling method, namely by taking meatball products circulating at the sampling location. Qualitative test using the curcumin method and the flame reaction on borax and adding KMnO4 to Formalin. Quantitative test with alkalimeter and spectrophotometric titration methods on borax and titration methods on formalin. Twenty-four meatball samples taken from six locations in the Rungkut sub-district, Surabaya, qualitatively tested for borax showed negative results, which means that the meatball samples obtained did not contain harmful borax compounds, so the twenty-four meatball samples were declared fit for consumption. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of meatball samples showed that 21 (87.5%) positive samples contained formalin and 3 (12.5%) negative samples contained formalin. The level of formalin contained in the meatball samples ranged from 0.5 – 7.2 ppm, which is contrary to PERMENKES RI No. 033 Concerning food Additives that are prohibited from being usSothat the twenty-one samples of meatball and meatball tofu were declared unfit for consumption.

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Kejora Handarini, Universitas Dr. Soetomo

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