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This article attempts to analyze Marxism in George Orwell’s Animal Farm. The article uses basic ideas of Marxism and Historical background to analyze the characters. The study aims atdescribing some basic ideas of Marxism which are depicted in the novel. Those are:1.Social life consists of two layers; it can beseen in the community of the animals that consist ofupper class and lower class. The upper class belongs to the one who controls the group. This refers to Old Major who inspires the animals to have revolution. And then after Old Major dies, Napoleon leads the rebellion.Napoleon(young boar) has ambition and direct approach to get power cause him to win the struggle for leadership of animal farm 2.A minority of people holding the power that lies on the person who proposes rebellion. The revolutionary ideas come out in Old Major’s dreams. Old major is a well-respected pig and he represents a minority of people who has a dream about revolution.3.Philosophy, literature, arts, and other intellectual activities lie on the upper layer that the pigs is the group who control the farm. The pigs refer to upper layer. As a member of upper layer, indeed, they perform privileged attitude which possess to this class.4.Social conflict lie on the second layer: the upper class constantly try to suppress the lower class/labor/proletarians, and the proletarians are too weak in facing the pressures of bourgeoisies, and therefore they tend to be constantly stronger and richer, while the proletarians tend to be constantly weaker and poorer.The proletarian can be seen inBoxer (cart horse) that is great loyal labor, strong body, small intelligence, honest and hard working

Keywords:Marxism, upper class, lower class, Historical Background.

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