Application of Waterfall-System Development Life Cycle Methodology for Designing Purchase Order Material Control System

  • Anastasia Lidya Maukar Industrial Engineering Department, President University
  • Dewa Anggara Kesuma Industrial Engineering Department, President University
  • Anang Aris Widodo Informatics Engineering Department, Universitas Merdeka Pasuruan
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Keywords: Material purchasing, Purchase Order, Flow of Information, Information system, Macro-VBA, SDLC


In this fast-paced demand consumer chain, the manufacturer has to go even faster to follow the stream. A strong purchasing monitoring system is required to ensure material delivery time accuracy and provide material adjustment for production continuity. This study discussed the information flow of material purchasing to understand the important role of Purchase Order (PO) Material Control in managing the production material. This research was conducted a plastic packaging manufacturing. PO Material Control is used to carry out material purchasing management activities from the PO release stage, PO processing, and material receiving. The current system does not run well due to deficiencies of unclear instructions, unclear purpose, disorganized structure, and lack of supervision. It harms the management of material purchases. This research employs a Waterfall-System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for identifying and improving the PO material control system. The improved system provides an organized visualization of inputs, displaying clear objectives as information outputs and refining the flowchart to utilize the system for better supervision. By implementing the proposed system, users become more understanding of running the system. The system that has been suggested can be utilized following its goal, where the monitoring of material procurement can also be carried out. The system also provides an output such as reports that can be used for operations and planning for future material purchases.


Author Biographies

Anastasia Lidya Maukar, Industrial Engineering Department, President University




Dewa Anggara Kesuma, Industrial Engineering Department, President University



Anang Aris Widodo, Informatics Engineering Department, Universitas Merdeka Pasuruan




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