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The stability of a structure is not only determined by the upper structure that directly bear the forces acting on the structure, but the stability of the lower structure contributes in this case that is the foundation that plays a role that is not less important. Foundation pole or deep foundation used for construction of heavy burden (high rise building). not to mention the apartment The City Square which has 38 floors. The existence of a broken pile problem which amounted to 135 poles at the time of foundation work caused the construction of the project to be inhibited. The purpose of this study is to determine the optimal pile support capacity and to know the solution of the broken pile pole. Data collection methodology is done by observation, data collection of bore log test (Standard Penetration Test) and building structure data from project side and conducting library study. In this study the calculation of bearing pile support is done in the broken pile area that is on borehole 2 or (BH2) and borehole 5 or (BH5) using several methods of Terzaghi method, Bazaara method, Mayerhoff method and Luciano Decourt method. From the analysis of bearing capacity of pole obtained a single pole bearing capacity of 115.53 tons / pole located at depth of 18 meters. With a reinforcement solution that provides additional 14 meter long piles of 14-meter concrete precast with a single pole bearing capacity of 90.71 tons at borehole 2 or (BH2) and 86.85 tons at borehole 5 or (BH5) with the total number of replacement piles being 130 pole.

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