Educational Game for Introducing Indonesian Culture on Android Platform

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Keywords: Education, Culture, Android


Utilization of the game is still used on the basis of entertainment alone. The existence of game themes that are growing still not enough to accommodate the game with the theme of education. Moreover, attention to the cultural diversity of Indonesia is decreasing. Therefore, it is made an educational game based on android Kuizy which aims to improve children's knowledge early on so that they can recognize the diversity of traditional culture of Indonesia covering the diversity of traditional house, traditional dance, traditional clothes, traditional musical instruments, and local songs from every province in Indonesia in a way that is different from learning in schools in general. By applying the results of this educational game, it is expected to help the children in learning and can improve the creative mindset as well as adding more advanced knowledge and getting to know the richness of Indonesian culture.
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Volume 3 No. 2 2018